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I am a Senior VFX Artist, always looking for new experiences. Currently working at El Ranchito, developing all kind of visual effects for films and TV shows. My favourite software is with no doubt Houdini and Nuke, working also closely with Maya (although I would prefer Blender). But I come from a TV past, where I have gone through many other softwares, like Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere. I started years ago studying Audiovisual Comunication in Rey Juan Carlos I University, and from there I always kept evolving in this world of machines and design, that is always changing and exciting. My curiousity to understand better the tools I use to work everyday, and how things work inside, made me study electronics as well.

I was always very interested about learning new languages and these days I continue my reckless decision to learn german :)

At the moment I am specially fascinated about the fact that digital design and electronic devices are interacting with each other in a way never seen before, providing great opportunities in entertainment, education, scientific research, etc. So I will be very happy to share and use my knowledge - and keep learning - in projects that aim to make our wold keep moving into a better one.

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