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CAMBIA DE AÑO 2015 - 2016

Opening for a special new year´s eve tv show. Mediaset Spain


With only a few hours to shoot the whole ad, it was mandatory to keep things simple. The story was clear, some chroma work to do. But our real adventure was about to start... Afterwards, In front of the computer.

We had complete freedom to create the final design for the story, as long as it was not cheesy, and the fantasy world we had to recreate showed some unity and personality. Here is the making off of the main shots:



Getting a bit of inspiration from Tim Burton´s "Alice in wonderland" (keeping the distance, obviously), we ended up with an idea in mind, regarding the kind of ilustratons and animations we had to get and build. Webs like ISTOCK are a really helpful place to find almost all you need to start your own work out of it. Here are some of the ilustrations we used, can you find them in the spot? :)

It is no need to say that during the process, and aiming to build a fantastic world that could connect all these cool visual elements, we came with the idea of using the tale "jack and the beanstalk", where everything would be happeninig on top or the clouds. It looks good, it "make sense", and everything fitted into the budget and the time given. Here you can see some interesting shots:

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