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Redesigning the look for an investigative journalism tv show



Of course we noticed, like the rest of the world,  the amzing opening for the first season of "True detective" tv show. And it didn´t take long before a director requested some shots following that line of design for an special tv spot. It was indeed a nice starting point to create something different but likewise appealing to the eye of the audience.

The spot shots:

The process of making these shots was really interesting and fun. Some ideas were very clear, but in other moments you couldn´t even know exactly how the final result would be, so all that was needed was to keep trying different combinations and mixing images until you found something nice. You can see in more detal the individal shots below:

Finding attractive visual concepts while trying to keep an elegant

Building a shot with simple pictures:

We used basically this two images (and the one of the body) to create this particular shot. Simulating a camera move and adding some  lighting / shading did the rest.

The closing shot, perhaps always the most important in a tv spot:

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