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energy tv

A review of some motion graphics made for different shows of this tv channel


As this tv channel is keen on reinvent itslef, we had to adapt our motion graphics to the new corporative desinging that was presented to us. Always fun.

Here is a brief collection of different motion graphic shots that we provided for a variety of tv shows in Energy. The list is bigger but this is a good sumary of the kind of work done:

Music by Jese Spillane (Descent of the Goober Monster)

As many times before, it is quite common not to have much time to develope the motion graphics, and also the resources are often very limited. The key is to always try to make the best out of simple things by making them work together:


In this last example, mainly two pictures were used to create the shot. It is a great idea to open an account in webs like istock, which offer a lot of good stuff to work with.

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