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VFX for one of the most successful short movies from the director Victor Nores

You can also check out the website for EUTANAS, S.A.


Many times, the best work you can do is the one that must be precisely unnoticed by the audience. So when nobody see it, it means you got it right. In this cases the best way to show it is just by showing a quick making off, as you can see below.

Here you can see the trailer for the short movie:

Here you can see some pictures and shots from the short movie:

We also would like to bid  Amparo Baró farewell, not only for being one of the greatest actesses in Spain for a life time, but over all, becasue of being such a good person. It must not be a coincidence that everybody who had the chance to work with her in person in this project, couln´t help to mention how nice and inspiring she was. For all that and more we will always be thankful.

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