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TV spot about upcoming action movies with tough women as protagonists. TV channel: CUATRO.



The idea to keep in mind is to stick with the Tv channel corporative identity. In this case we had to follow a kind of red color, that reminds us to the tv channel Cuatro. On the other hand, the director of the spot, Alberto, had the idea to be also inpired by the soviet look, which was right to give the spot the desired touch with rough and tough women as protagonists.

The main goal was to make these movies

look like awsome action movies.

Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it isn´t so much.


Basically all the stuff that was needed to make this work possible were the official movie posters, and some others images with textures, fire footage and also vectoiral designs to build and put together the main logo for the spot, as well as to make the video feel alive. Having an account in webs like Thinkstock will provide you with many options to get what you want.

You know when you have found the right design style when the look just works out. Particulary, this kind of work for a tv channel needs to be very usable and quick to render. So finally, you can see it works out when it just seems to keep the identity and good looking no matter what kind of product you add to it, like we can see below with these tests I´ve made only as an example:

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